Kingdom lifestyle

Mark 9:14-29 describes a story of Jesus healing a boy of an impure spirit. The disciples couldn’t drive out the spirit, but Jesus did. After the event, when the disciples and Jesus were in private, they asked of him, “why could we not drive it out?” Jesus replied, “this kind can come out only by prayer [and fasting].”

After Jesus had gone indoors, his disciples asked him privately, “Why couldn’t we drive it out?” He replied, “This kind can come out only by prayer.”

Mark 9:28-29 NIV

Prayer and fasting is a great discipline, but is it the “tool” (the Holy Grail) to be able to achieve results for those bigger miracles.

Is there a method we can use in order to receive a greater manifestation of his glory?

In asking this question don’t we miss the point: when we seek the method as the power to deliver and heal we miss the one who delivers and heals!

We are to honour him who brings the breakthrough and not the means of the breakthrough.

Was this healing, this deliverance of an impure spirit achieved through prayer [and fasting], yes it was, Jesus said it was. But Jesus didn’t go away and pray and fast, he didn’t have to take himself away and seek the Father’s will, he knew it. He spent time in prayer, he spent time fasting, he spent time with the Father, he had a lifestyle of it. If there is to be a method that can be sought, then surely it has to be the will of the Father for the moment, for that given situation; and we get to know that by getting to know God himself – a kingdom lifestyle.

We don’t seek the method, we seek the Father’s will, we seek kingdom perspective, we seek to bring glory to the King.

: Matt Hall :