Set a fire

Do you have days when you feel dried up, lacking inspiration, empty, in a desert place? I think we all do from time to time. But this morning as we (TLC) worshipped the words of the song ‘Set a Fire’ lifted me up and as I listened to the words, and sang, I realised how true they are. ‘Set a fire within my soul, that I can’t contain, that I can’t control, – I want more of you God’. You know God understands when we feel like that and He has already provided......

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Our guiding light

How many of us when setting off on a journey we haven’t done before switch on the SatNav (GPS)? I love the way it adjusts itself and changes direction when we don’t follow it exactly. I read this analogy this week in the Bible in a Year, written by Nicky Gumbell. So, I am repeating this example, courtesy of Nicky Gumbell. I think it’s a pretty good analogy of our Christian life. Jesus told His disciples before He went to the cross to lay down His life for us, that He was going......

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