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Volunteer Positions

Belong to Something

Volunteering enables you to play an active role in the life of church, to contribute to positive change and to connect in with the TLC family. It can help you gain confidence by giving you the chance to try something new, bringing ownership and belonging.

Here is a list of volunteer positions that you could get invovled with:

Refreshment Team

Sunday teas and coffees

Setup with a smile, connect and chat with people as you serve them refreshments. Be there setup ready for the first meeting at 9:30.

Setup Team

Keeping things running smoothly

Sunday Service set up and pack down, setting up welcome desk, putting out chairs, setting up tables, ensuring we leave it clean.

Welcome Team

Be the happy face

Greeting people with a smile on Sunday morning, making guests feel welcome and directing them to the service. Be there from 9:15 ready for the first meeting.

Kids Team

Teach the children in the way they should go

Sunday kids work, helping out the kids leader, craft activites, reading, drama, (CRB needed). Be there setup ready for the first meeting at 9:30.

Youth Team

Be the inspiration

Sunday youth work, helping out the leaders, being a role model, practical advice, (CRB needed).

PA Team

Sunday Techie

PA setup and pack down, sound, recording, dedication and concentration. Be there from 8:30 ready to setup for the first meeting.

Audio Visual Team

Dot the ``i`` and cross the ``t``

Computer and projector setup and pack down, upload new songs, project song words. Be there from 9:00 ready for the first meeting.


Behind the scene

Office work, home based volunteers to keep things running during the week.