Let there be light

I was reading an article the other day about a group of 6000 young people in Salzburg cathedral, filled with the Holy Spirit and worshipping God in that place. What an awesome sight that must have been when we look around and see many of our young people today living in spiritual darkness, most seeking and searching for the answer which they think they will find in drugs, alcohol, sexual exploits etc. How awesome to see so many young people worshipping God and sending out a beacon of light into the spiritual darkness that surrounds us across Europe.

Then we hear of Ariana Grande returning to Manchester to hold the ‘One Love Manchester’ concert, after the terrorist attack during one of her concerts. On that occasion Marcus Mumford opened the event by telling the audience that ‘love casts out fear’. Then in the middle of the concert Justin Bieber declared ‘I’m not going to let go of love, not going to let go of God. God is good in the midst of darkness. God is in the midst and He loves you. He is here for you.’ Can you imagine what an inspiration that must have been to the thousands of young people in the audience? I would like to think that because of these words coming from a pop singer, but inspired by Holy Spirit, that this would have made a difference to this vulnerable audience, there to commemorate the terrorist attack and those who died on that tragic evening.

Our young people need to hear such a message from someone they look up to and will listen to. These young people today are the Church of tomorrow. They live in spiritual darkness, they are surrounded by darkness with touts out to make money from selling them drugs. They get into situation where they are inspired by loud music and pepped up by the drugs that they are imbibing. Even the words of many of the modern songs only inspire evil, depravity and immoral living.

How we need to see the light of Jesus lightening the darkness around us. We are His church and it’s up to us to shine a light in every situation that surrounds us by showing love, kindness, generosity, showing temperance instead of anger, love instead of resentment, using the gifts of the Holy Spirit to pierce the darkness. To show the young people especially in this nation what it means to be like Jesus, to be a role model for them to follow. I thank God for the Soul Survivor event held in the UK for around 30000 young people. What an inspiration for their peers.

‘Lord Jesus Christ use us to lighten the darkness which surrounds us. We want to be a shining light to inspire our friends, neighbours and colleagues. Lead us and use us in any way you see fit to make a difference in our community’.

: Terry Walmsley :