Growing through Discipleship

The TriLife Journey

Growth, encouragement, and accountability best happen in the setting of intentional relationships. We believe these relationships are key to sustained spiritual growth.

The TriLife journey is designed to give a flexible opportunity to go deeper in knowing God and growing your relationship with Him and others.

Making Disciples who Make Disciples

Starting Point

a place where you can learn how to get involved in TLC and understand a little about who we are.

Connect Groups

doing stuff with your friends as part of a journey to knowing God; an opportunity to take your life and relate Jesus to others.

Teaching Tracks

we not only want to grow in relationship with one another, but ultimately we want to grow in our relationship with God.

Equip Groups

we are called to be a body; to be in relationship. Support, pray, encourage and learn together

Starting Point

Sometimes that first step of finding out about church, getting to know more about Jesus Christ and the Bible, or simply how can I connect in, can be dauting. Walking into church, or other Christian settings, can feel like such a big step that you never build the momentum to do it. That's where Starting Point comes in.

Starting Point is an informal meeting (most likely in a pub or cafe in town) where you can get to know something about TLC. It is created to be a conversational environment where you simply meet some of the people who are part of the TLC family, if you're interested you could discover something about TLC and our mission as a church. The chat is led by the people who turn up and there is no specific agenda.

Connect Groups

We all desire relationship and a place to be needed and belong. We are called to remain in fellowship and be there for one another. At the heart of TLC is family and we love to spend time in each other’s company sharing food, conversation, tears and laughter.

Connect Groups are about doing stuff with your friends and being part of each other’s journey to knowing God. The more we allow what God has placed in us to come to the forefront of our lives, the more naturally connected we will be with the culture and people around us.

What better place to begin a journey into life at TLC than with the people you know.

Teaching Tracks

It’s not just about connecting with each other, it’s ultimately about connecting with God. We are constantly reminded that physical exercise is important to a healthy life. This is no different to our spiritual life. In the same way you might join a gym, or a sporting club to improve your physical health, we encourage you to engage in teaching tracks to care for your spiritual health.

We are developing a series of Teaching Tracks that you can engage with to lead you through a journey of discovery, something to help you progress along a Spiritual Growth Path. Done in groups, or one-to-one mentoring, the tracks are designed to fit in with the lives that we lead.

Equip Groups

Equip Groups are about supporting, growing and preparing; engaging with the mission of Jesus Christ. These gatherings are shaped to support people in their journey with God and equip people for serving in God’s kingdom. As a pioneering church we are instructed to teach and fellowship; equipping the body for service; giving people opportunity to grow in gifting and calling; creating an environment to encourage and support.

These gatherings are a place to discuss and apply the preach from our Celebration Service.

Ultimately, we are commissioned to go and make disciples, and that isn't just for a small few, that is everyone. As a church we want to be equipping people to be released and sent out into our community; making disciples who make disciples.