Equip Groups

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An Equip Group is a TLC gathering shaped to support and encourage people as well as teach and grow. The Bible teaches us to live as a body, to not be isolated; we are designed to be in relationship, to be there for one another inspiring and motivating us to grow in our Christ-centred journey.

We understand that in order to “go” we must first belong and be sent. We know that staying in a place where we are not growing in our understanding of God’s truth; where we are not active in our faith; where we are not pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ – is place of stagnation.

Fellowship and learning play a key role in us advancing in our relationships and Kingdom values; Equip Groups are designed to help.

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We need relationship, not only with God, but also one another; close communities where we can be open and honest, where we can support and be supported, where we can grow and be accountable.


We want to be a people who are looking to reflect the love of Jesus and grow in being a disciple of Christ. Discussing the Word and applying it to our lives helps us to grow in our relationship with God and be more effective for his kingdom.

[title_p_text top_title_part_1=”How to” top_title_part_2=”Attend a Group?”]

Equip Groups are places to grow and be supported. We aim to have an Equip Group available every week, and people are free to attend any that are convenient for them during the week.

Take a look at the Equip Groups that are meeting, and send a message to the group’s host if you’d like to attend.