Guidance for attending meetings

TLC Guidelines

As you will be aware government guidelines have been issued for the protection of us all, and in light of these regulations we are issuing guidance to all who attend TLC meetings. This includes Sunday services and all other meetings that take place at the church building.

Anyone attending a larger gathering in the church building will be required to follow the TLC COVID guidelines. TLC reserve the right to ask anyone not following the guidance to leave the premises. Guidelines for smaller gatherings (no more than 6) can be found here.

Those attending:

  • A face covering must be worn at all times when in the building (except if the participant is exempt from wearing one or as in next point)
  • Anyone speaking from front need not wear a face covering but must keep at least 2m from the front row
  • Social distancing rules (ie keeping 2m distance from others or 1m when wearing a face covering) must be followed. Family groups or bubbles do not need to socially distance
  • Do not gather in huddles, in the corridor, or near the entrance. Go outside for longer chats with others
  • Use hand sanitizer on entering the building (this is available on a table by the entrance)
  • Only use the toilet if urgent. Follow the precautions displayed for the use of toilets
  • Bring any food or drink that you may need to consume, but please make it known to the Meeting Organiser that you have brought it for yourself. Services will last a maximum of one hour
  • No loud talking or singing is permitted
  • Avoid touching things in the building unnecessarily
  • Adhere to the one way system marked out in the building (unless visiting and returning from the toilet during a service)
  • On arrival, if seating is already arranged, please refrain from turning or moving the seats

All note:

  • No one showing Covid symptoms on the day may enter building
  • The number of attendees will be controlled through booking. The precise capacity will depend on the number of families that attend
  • We won’t be taking communion together for the time being
  • We won’t take a cash offering; please continue to donate through other methods
  • No group larger than 6 may congregate in the building other than during controlled booking-only services; these being the TLC Prayer and Worship Services
  • We do not carrying out temperature checks as the proximity involved brings transmission risk