Connect Groups

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A Connect Group is a bunch of people doing life together. They exist to reach either a particular neighbourhood or network of relationships with the love of Christ, to show them what it means to live a life transformed. We like to call it “tri life“.

With a core value of “life together”, Connect Groups are about doing stuff with your friends and being part of their journey to knowing God; an opportunity to take your life and relate Jesus to others. The more we allow what God has placed in us to come to the forefront of our lives, the more naturally connected we will be with the culture and people around us. These flexible and local expressions of church exist to bring heaven to the particular slice of earth God has given you to bless.

The groups are networked within TLC and many people connect through multiple groups. The frequency and timetable of each group varies, depending entirely on those in the group and how their life fits with their Connect Group. The groups exist for how ever long the Connect Group stays up and running; sometimes a few weeks, sometimes years.

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We need relationship, not only with God, but also one another; close communities where we can be open and honest, where we can support and be supported, where we can grow and be accountable.

Connect Groups are places where we can belong and get to know people.


Groups have the express intention of seeing those they are in relationship with choose to start following Jesus; relational mission, an extension of the commission to all followers of Christ.

We need to ``go`` and make disciples and there's no better way than being the very person God created you to be.


Growth and transformation from our old self shows that we are alive in Christ. We want to be a people who are looking to reflect the love of Jesus and grow in being a disciple of Christ.

Bible studies, prayer times and devotional groups help us to grow in our relationship with God.


Life as a disciple of Christ is about freedom, freedom to live the way Jesus demonstrated.

Connect Groups are a place of fun and laughter, where we can relax and enjoy the company of friends, talk about the things God is doing in our lives, do things together that energise and replenish.

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It can be difficult to make connections in the larger setting of our Sunday service; meeting people for the first time can be daunting for some. Connect Groups are places to meet like-minded people, in a smaller informal setting. If you are wondering how to join a group, get connected and “tri life”, here are a few suggestions:

1) Come along to a Starting Point gathering and ask some questions about TLC life and how to engage with the church community.

2) Take a look at the Connect Groups that are running, and send a message to the group’s champion.