Make Lunch Hampers

Make Lunch Hampers

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Each year as part of our Make Lunch Christmas, we give hampers to many of our Make Lunch families to help them celebrate the festive season and bless them with some of the luxuries we may take for granted (something they may not be able to afford). Each hamper costs around £50 to put together.

A huge thank you to all those individuals and organisations that helped last year, we managed to supply 23 Christmas hampers.

This year we are looking to distribute somewhere in the region of 30 hampers in and around Royston. If you would like to sponsor a hamper and help a family celebrate Christmas, that would be amazing. We appreciate that £50 is a lot and so we have several options in donating towards this cause: £10, £25 and £50.

If you are using this as a send-a-gift for someone instead of their Christmas present then please let us know. We can supply you with a send-a-gift thank you card to give to that person for Christmas.

Final date for donations will be: 1st December 2020

Follow this link for more information about Make Lunch.