Present: Disciples Equipped

Start date: Mid-Sept 2015

Present: Disciples Equipped

"Present" is an in-house yearlong course where those attending present themselves to Christ in a desire to see themselves transformed to be more like Jesus Christ. It is the intention that on completing the course students will be better equipped and more passionate to fulfil the mission and calling of God in their lives. “Present:Disciples Equipped” is an opportunity to grow personally, gain valuable ministry experience and to witness lives being changed through the power of faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Disciples Equipped Development Plan includes:

  • Teaching from TLC Leadership
  • Serving opportunities and objectives
  • Community Outreach
  • Sessions of prophetic-led and immersive worship
  • Regular Bible study and reflection
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Participation in a Life Group
  • Immersion into TLC culture
  • Pastoral covering and support

The course follows the academic year from September to July with three terms. The week comprises of 2 days of teaching, training and equipping, times of worship and times of relationship, with some additional personal study. A typical year will follow an overall curriculum. However, it is primarily geared to practical discipleship rather than as a theological or academic exercise, and so is intended to be adaptable to local ministry opportunities / need.

We believe that immersing yourself in God, understanding our significance in Christ and passionately pursing his presence will draw us in to a surrendered place that will open our eyes to a kingdom beyond our own.

  1. Term 1 [Sept - Dec] - Dare to believe (Affirming the call)

The aim of this term is to create and empower a fuller awe of Christ and celebration of salvation.

  1. Term 2 [Jan - Mar] - Dare to dream (Awakening the call)

The aim of this term is to reveal and revive the personal and corporate destiny of God for our lives; a personal pursuit with a corporate call.

  1. Term 3 [Apr - Jul] - Dare to respond (Answering the call)

The aim of this term is to see freedom and fruitfulness, to want to express fully the love and passion for Christ in our lives.


Students are expected to fully commit and understand it is a season of consecration. It will be challenging, shaping and humbling as well as life changing and maturing. During the year, it is expected that the students, in addition to the course requirements, will commit to attend all Trinity Life Church prayer meetings and Sunday services. It is not expected that students remain at TLC on completion of the course year (unless specifically called), but instead return to their home church or ministry. There is a course fee for the year, which covers expenses and materials.

Students can expect the course leaders to commit to them, invest heavily in them, and walk patiently with them.

For more information contact Present Team.

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