Praise and Worship

intro_worshipAt TLC it is our aim to make space to corporately worship God. We understand the importance of setting aside time to focus our attention on Jesus and invite people into the journey to the heart of God, but we also realise that our relationship with God and worship toward Him is 24/7. Therefore, individually, and as a church, we want to go deeper into God through our worship and through our praise not just in meetings, but our entire lives. We want God to invade our hearts in order to change us, challenge us, stretch us and move us forward in everything we are and do. We believe that as we immerse ourselves in the awesome manifest presence of God we will be restored, refreshed and changed; igniting a passion for the lost and lonely.

Interested in moving deeper in praise and worship, then contact TLC Admin about the next Worship Stream discipleship course.

MP3 - Ministry of Prophecy, Praise and Prayer

God has a strategy, a plan to break down the strongholds and barriers that cause communities to divide. In many places some of this is being worked through: prophetic words spoken, prayers uttered and actions taken. We thank God for all the blessings we have received, but know in our hearts that there is so much more. Our prayer is that we will see our cities, towns and villages set free and experience the revival that we all long for.

MP3 meetings are about waiting in the Lord, listening to the spirit, hearing the word, breaking the silence, destroying the curse, and releasing the blessing. As we allow God's love and glory to invade our lives we will be transformed and changed, and as God transforms us, so we become the vessels to transform our local community.

God's heart for the community will be revealed as we live our lives in tune with the Holy Spirit. MP3 meetings are facilitated with this in mind. Ultimately, we want to see God’s Kingdom grow and our communities transformed.

Come join us, expect to be changed and catch the fire.

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