Life Groups - Growing as a Church


Want to invest time in your relationship with God and others? Want to flourish in a fellowship? Want to grow in love? Want to engage with your local community? Then regularly attending a Life Group is the perfect opportunity for you. A Life Group will get you plugged into our church family, help you go deeper with God and reach out to your community.

Life Groups meet together regularly in each other’s homes in groups of around 12, living out what church is all about. The Bible teaches us that first century followers of Jesus Christ attended two different types of meetings each week. They met as a large group, and they also met as smaller gatherings in homes. Together they form a structure for church life; at TLC we do the same and believe that both are vital for effective growth. Large meetings alone are not church, it is where the local church comes together to celebrate God in their lives. A combination of large gatherings and smaller groups help unite and grow a healthy church.

The focus of the groups is on worshipping God, applying the Word of God to our lives and reaching out with the gospel to our friends and neighbours.

Life Groups are about engaging with one another, with God and with our community. Their aim is to focus us on following up the teaching from Sunday Meetings to ensure the church is going forward together. We worship together, it is a safe place to step out in exercising spiritual gifts, praying for one another and supporting each other and it’s also about engaging together to see our community won for Christ.

For information on joining a Life Group, contact TLC Admin.

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