Discipleship Groups - Growing as an Individual


Growth, encouragement, and accountability best happen in the setting of intentional discipleship relationships. We believe these relationships are key to sustained spiritual growth. Discpleship groups give a flexible opportunity to go deeper in knowing God and growing your relationship with Him and others.

Discipleship Groups may be anything from 2 to 10+ people. The aim is to be growing in our faith and walk with God. They focus on a specific area, such as worship or beginning your Christian walk. It may be going through a book together or it could be stepping out in new area of ministry, or learning a skill or gifting from someone else. It is likely that these groups will have a shorter term than Life Groups as they will have a specific purpose or goal, but it really depends on what God wants to do.

As a church we encourage everyone to be involved in a Discipleship Group as we are all wanting to grow and develop in our walk with God. It is also helpful to have someone who you can be accountable to and be able to see that you are growing and moving forward in your walk with God.

Regular discipleship groups run in TLC:

  • Worship groups
  • Prophetic groups
  • Bible groups
  • Kids groups

For information on starting a Discipleship Group or joing an existing group, contact TLC Admin.

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