Core Values

Our values are principles that guide our decisions and actions. They are the things that are important to us and determine the way we do things and our

Anchored in the bible (Lives of purity and truth)

[2 Timothy 3:16]

We believe the Bible is authoritative in all matters and an absolutely reliable witness to who God is and what he desires from us. We endeavour to live with purity and integrity and conduct ourselves in accordance with the Word of God. Teaching sound doctrine and developing a Christ like character through study and reflection on His truth. Our goal is to operate by a sure, firm grasp of the whole biblical revelation for every member, so that we will all be ready to address the changing values and pressures of our culture with assured truth and light.

Family friendly (Relational)

[John 13:34-35]

We are a passionate people that have been transformed by God’s love; who seek to love one another, serve one another, and live transparent lives. We are a family of God, committed to holiness, unity, loyalty, hospitality and trust, encouraging one another and building strong relationships. We believe in being accountable to one another, helping one another, and being an example. We encourage integration across the age groups, developing a culture that naturally passes on experience and wisdom from one generation to the next.

Living to worship (Passionate and Sold out for God)

[Romans 12:1]

We burn with a love for God. We realise that worship is a matter of giving our lives as living sacrifices, and as such encompasses all our activity. We know that time given in praise and intimacy with God is time when we are transformed into God’s likeness. We aim to give priority privately and corporately to being before God and giving Him worship. We understand the importance of being a 24/7 follower of Jesus Christ, being a witness in our school, work place, home and neighbourhood. We want God’s glory to shine forth in everything we do; for people to see the difference God has made in our lives and what he means to us.

Attenitve to the Spirit (Life in the Spirit)

[Galatians 5:25]

God has a strategy, a plan to break down the strongholds and barriers that cause communities to divide, to breakthrough into seeing His Kingdom come and His will be done; we want to be part of that, at the forefront of what God is doing, continually in step with the Holy Spirit. We aspire to be led by the Spirit, approaching situations and circumstances with wisdom and discernment, continually seeking God as to His plan for us as a church.

Mission-minded (Outward focus)

[Matthew 28:19]

Jesus commands us to “go”. We aim to express the heart of God, to reach all peoples and cultures in every place with the Gospel. We believe that our calling is, with others, to bring the Kingdom of God to Royston, our region, our nation and to the ends of the earth. We are aware of the extraordinary opportunity and responsibility that God has placed with us as the body of Christ willing to sacrifice our lives for His purpose. We know that no single church has the sole responsibility of taking the good news to the entire community of Royston; therefore, we work for unity with the other churches of Royston, to honour, serve and promote the interests of one another.

Equipping every member (Every member in ministry)

[Ephesians 4:12-13]

The Church is a body where every member has a part to play. We are identified by God to fulfil a calling and placed in a body of people to outwork God’s plan. We encourage every member of the church to find God’s calling on their life and how it relates to the vision of the church; to be involved in ministry both inside and outside the church. The church is a place where kingdom dreams are born and live.


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