About Trinity Life Church

We are delighted that you want to spend a bit of time looking around our church website. We hope that you'll find what you're looking for and begin to understand a bit about what we believe and why we believe God has us here. However, more than just reading and perusing this site, we hope that you'll feel inclined to visit us, try out our style of contemporary Christianity and belong to the great things that God is doing.

So, what about TLC? We are a group of people passionate about our saviour Jesus Chirst. Who have experienced the love of God and met with the awesome creator. Who have responded to the call of Jesus Christ and chosen to follow him. Our mission is to bring the message of Jesus to all the people living within and around Royston; to see our whole community blessed, God-centred and transformed by His power.

As a church we aim to be outward looking, spreading the message of Jesus to our neighbours, friends, and family; local and international community. To give generously and support all aspects of community life. To be compassionate to those in need, a witness to those who need to hear, a friend to those who are lonely, passionate about living a life solely for God and following the example of Jesus.

We aim to to live out family values, having a lifestyle that reflects our relationship with Jesus and shines forth His glory. To facilitate an enviroment of trust and acceptance, enabling free and open discussion about living for Jesus. Helping people to come to a place where they feel they belong and are able to make a solid and lasting decision about following Jesus Christ. To support and encourage all aspects of family life, releasing all people to their full potential in God.

We constantly praise God for who He is and all He has done for us; expressing how great our God is. We aim to worship him with our whole lives; in surrender, purity and grace. To give God our best by whatever means are appropriate. To display His love and generosity throughout our lives. To give, serve and see God's church impact the community and change the environment we live in.

Passion, Purity and Power

Our desire is to build a sanctuary where the glory of God dwells. We want to burn with passion for God, live lives of purity set apart for him, and see His power transform our community. We want to raise up a generation of those who seek the Lord in surrender and holiness, who live in the manifest presence of God and shine forth His glory from the mountain tops.
A generation set apart [Psalms 24:1-6]

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